Includes pickled mustard greens and special house sauce over rice.
Stewed Pork Over Rice 滷肉飯 $4.50
Taiwanese Sausage   台灣香腸  $4.99
Pork Chop 豬排 $4.99
Chicken Steak   雞排 $4.99
Popcorn Chicken  鹽酥雞 $4.99
Miso Salmon  烤味噌鮭魚 $5.99 *Summer Special*
+ Stewed egg to any bowl   + 滷蛋 $1 TAIWANESE SAUSAGES 台灣香腸 Original 台灣香腸       1 for $1.99  or  2 for $2.99
Lean 瘦肉香腸 1 for $2.25 or 2 for $3.25 Kaoliang Liquor 高粱酒香腸 1 for $2.25 or 2 for $3.25 Garlic 蒜味香腸 1 for $2.25 or 2 for $3.25 Mala Spicy 麻辣香腸 1 for $2.25 or 2 for $3.25

Pork Chop     炸猪排    $3.95
Basil Popcorn Chicken      鹽酥雞    $3.95
Fried Chicken Steak     炸雞排    $3.95
Fried Pork Balls (6)    炸貢丸    $2.75
Fried Cuttlefish Balls (6)    炸花枝丸    $3.25
Pork Potstickers (6)    豬肉鍋貼 $4.50

5-Spice Meat Roll     五香雞捲    $4.50
Onions, carrots, water chestnuts, scallions, celery and pork wrapped inside beancurd skin. Deep fried and served with sweet house sauce.

Ba-Wan   肉圓    $3.50
A chewy outside made of rice flour and tapioca starch, filled with savory pork, shiitake mushroom, and bamboo.
Steamed and served with sweet house sauce.

Zong Zi   粽子    $3.95
Pork, shiitake mushrooms, duck egg yolk, dried shrimp, peanuts, and sticky rice wrapped in a bamboo leaf.

Scallion Pancake 蔥油餅 $3.50

Shrimp Rolls (4)    蝦捲   $5.95
Fish paste, shrimp, pork, scallions, cilantro, carrots, and water chestnuts wrapped in beancurd skin and deep-fried.
Served with sweet chili sauce.
Fishcake Skewers (2) 黑輪 $3.50 Fish paste, carrot, onion, and scallions. Deep fried. Stewed Egg (1) 滷蛋 $1 Steamed Rice $1.50

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